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East Tennessee Economic Council & NQA-1 Nuclear Safety Training

General (May 8-10, 2013) NeoHarbor and its NQA-1 training partner, Aerospace Consultants International (ACI), met with Jim Campbell, the president of ETEC, in Oak Ridge, Tennessee, to discuss how NQA-1 training and InfoDex archive software can strengthen the nuclear supply chain. Oak Ridge is a center of government and commercial nuclear projects and the lack of NQA-1 certification among potential suppliers has become a significant constraint. ACI will begin providing NQA-1 training and certification services this summer. NeoHarbor has partnered with ACI to provide InfoDex software to the students for their NQA-1 compliance archives. NeoHarbor will also provide training in electronic archive research and archive development. Compliance with NQA-1 audits and inspections will be much easier for ACI graduates because of this training and the InfoDex software’s research speed. (InfoDex users reduce research time requirements by 50% - 75%).


General (February 21 2013) NeoHarbor appeared at the Small Business Alliance Day at Marshall Space Flight Center in Huntsville, Alabama and networked with representatives of MSFC and prime contractors. Program managers for the Space Launch System and other NASA programs presented their plans for 2013 and reported on new contract opportunities.